Working group 5 - Visual Computing in Medicine

The section "Visual Computing in Medicine" of the "Gesellschaft für Informatik" currently has 100 members. It brings together computer scientists, engineers, scientists and physicians from research institutes and industry.


The aim of the group "Visual Computing in Medicine" is the exchange between the developers (computer scientists, engineers, scientists) on image analysis, visualization and interaction techniques in image-based diagnostics and therapy as well as the development of software tools in this context.

The exchange between physicians and developers, especially in the area of computer-assisted therapy planning, as well as the exchange of experiences and teaching materials for courses in the fields of medical visualization, medical science and computer-aided surgery will be promoted.

Discussions between representatives of industry and research institutes, in particular on the relevance of certain developments as well as opportunities, study and thesis topics in industry, are important objectives of the section.

The exchange with related organizations is among the activities.

The awarding of outstanding work in the field of medical visualization ( is an important task of the section.


In 2003, the working group "Medical Visualization" was founded on the initiative of B. Preim as a working group in the field of graphics data processing in the Gesellschaft für Informatik.

B. Preim (University of Magdeburg) and H.-C. Hege (Zuse Institute Berlin) were elected by the GI as spokesman.

The working group conducts two workshops a year; Since its foundation, the Autumn Workshop has been integrated into the Curac Annual Meeting. The workshop at the Curac Annual Meeting was organized by D. Bartz. An association of the working group with the Curac was decided in 2004 by President Schweikhardt. The working group makes its affiliation with the Curac in various ways, i.a. clearly on the website.

In June 2007, the steering committee of the Computer Graphics Department at GI decided to convert the initially temporarily established working group into a permanent GI specialist group due to its successful work. The name was changed to "Visual Computing in Medicine". In addition to visualization, visual computing also includes image analysis and human-computer interaction. The current duo of spokesman and deputy was confirmed.

In keeping with the broader understanding of "visual computing", the organization of a meeting has been prepared. This should be based on a high-quality peer review of complete contributions and combine medical image analysis and visualization for the first time. It has been managed to obtain the official status of a Eurographics Workshop, which guarantees high visibility of the conference proceedings as part of the Eurographics Digital Library and stands for high quality.

The conference will be held for the first time in Delft, Holland on 6./7. October 2008. It is organized by C. Botha (Delft) and B. Preim (Magdeburg). In addition to the two organizers, W. Niessen (Rotterdam) and G. Kindlmann (Boston) are other Paper Cochairs. Out of 45 submissions, 22 were accepted; Together with the invited lectures by Nicholas Ayache and Heinz-Otto Peitgen, an interesting program was created. It is planned to hold this conference every two years. In 2010 Dirk Bartz will be the host in Leipzig.

The increasing importance of issues of human-computer interaction in medicine was reflected in the preparation and implementation of a workshop on human-computer interaction in operative medicine (organizers: W. Korb, ICCAS and B. Preim Magdeburg). It was part of the conference "Mensch und Computer" (Lübeck, September 2008) and included 7 lectures, which were published in the workshop proceedings. Based on these contributions, a special issue for the German magazine i-Com is planned (1st quarter 2009).

In accordance with the nature of a GI section, a steering committee was elected in 2008. It consists of 12 persons representing the section and making important decisions, e.g. in terms of the structure of the workshops and discussions.

Within the GI, a new department "Computer Science in the Life Sciences" was founded in April 2008. It was decided to associate the FG "Visual Computing in Medicine" there as well. H.-C. Hege acts as the representative of our section within this department.

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