Welcome to the Hanseatic City of Hamburg!

We cordially invite you to the 19th Annual Conference of the German Society for Computer- and Robot-Assisted Surgery. The conference is organized by and at Hamburg University of Technology. Hamburg is not only a cosmopolitan port city but also home to numerous companies from the field of medical technology as well as hospitals and universities. Therefore, we organize this year's conference in collaboration with our partners, especially those from the Forschungszentrum Medizintechnik Hamburg, a research center for medical technology founded by Hamburg University of Technology and the Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf. This research center connects researchers from diverse backgrounds and promotes interdisciplinary collaboration, which has always been a great concern of the CURAC.

Updated Information

Currently, we all struggle to foresee how the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic will develop in the months ahead. Despite the current relaxation of restrictions, the impact of e. g. localized occurrences of infections on traveling remains unclear. Additionally, precautionary measures and strict sanitary policies will be necessary throughout the fall. Consequently, the conference can not take place as we have known it in the past.

We are pleased to have received numerous interesting contributions and want to enable the presentation and discussion of all of them. Together with the board of the CURAC, we have settled on a presentation format which will allow for easy and safe participation: all sessions will take place "online first" and it will be possible to attend all presentations and discussions irrespective of ones location.

Taking into account the current social distancing rules, we will have to restrict the number of participants to whom we will be able to offer a seat in the lecture hall on campus at Hamburg University of Technology. Furthermore, the usual accompanying program will not take place.

We are looking forward to lively interest, numerous participants and inspiring presentations!

Alexander Schlaefer and the Organizing Team of CURAC 2020 

Contact: curac2020@curac.org

If you have problems with access to the virtual conference, please contact






20.04.2020: Pre-registration of the contributions
15.05.2020: Submission of scientific contributions
15.06.2020: Notification of acceptance of contribution
29.06.2020: Camera-ready version

CURAC 2020 in Hamburg and online: 17.09.-19.09.2020

Countdown CURAC 2020

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The scientific topics of the CURAC.2020 cover all operative medical subjects (e.g. ENT, neurosurgery, orthopedics, etc.), including:

  • Robotics and navigation
  • Intelligent OR technology
  • Machine learning
  • Modeling and simulation
  • Image processing, quantification and visualization
  • Surgical assistance systems
  • Surgical planning and risk analysis
  • Workflow analysis and prediction
  • Knowledge-based systems and decision support
  • Partial autonomy and cooperative systems
  • Multidisciplinary integration

Information for Authors

This year, the contributions to CURAC will be published in the Current Directions in Biomedical Engineering and are will therefore be highly visible as an open access publication. Please submit your four-page, English-language contributions via the ConfTool. The formatting should follow the templates for Word  or LaTeX.

If you would like to present your work at CURAC but do not wish a publication, we encourage you to submit an "extended abstract" of max. four pages. Please note that the "extended abstracts" will only be used for peer review and will not be published.

For better planning in this uncertain time, we kindly ask you to register yourself and the working title of your contribution in the ConfTool as soon as possible (ideally already by 20.04.2020). The deadline for the submission of your contribution as a Word document or LaTeX project with all source data is the 15.05.2020. Due to the necessary lead time with the publisher we have little leeway to extend the deadline.

We also need your written consent for the publication of your contribution. Please fill out this form and upload it in a zip file together with your contribution to ConfTool when you submit your contribution.

If you have any questions, please contact curac2020@curac.org

In Summary


  • Publication as open access article in the CDBME
  • Presentation at the CURAC conference
  • 4 pages, formatted according to the provided templates (Word, LaTeX)
  • English language
  • Signed license to publish form required



  • No publication, for review only
  • Presentation at the CURAC conference
  • Max. 4 pages
  • German or English language

Presentation Formats

All presentations and short presentations will be presented in the form of pre-recorded videos. The length of the videos will be the following:

presentations: max. 10 minutes
short presentations: max. 4:30 minutes
Please remember that your video will be presented publicly. Therefore, you need to ensure that you observe copyright law. Please use the first slide in your video to inform viewers of any possible conflicts of interests. We will play your video in the session assigned to you regardless of your location at the time of presentation. For presentations, the discussion of your contribution will follow directly after your video while for short presentations, the discussion will take place in separate "online meeting rooms" following the end of all short presentations of your session.

The size of your presentation video should not exceed 100 MB in mp4-format. Please upload your video to our cloud by the 31st of August 2020.

Additionally, please fill out and upload the Ärztekammer's form regarding possible conflicts of interest.

When uploading your video and the completed form, please use the file names <PaperID>_<First_author>_Video.mp4 and <PaperID>_<First_author>_COI.pdf respectively in order to avoid overwriting of files. 

Conference Venue

Hamburg University of Technology Campus

Audimax 1 – Building H
Am Schwarzenberg-Campus 5,
21073 Hamburg

CURAC Contact

CURAC Office
c/o Gabriele Schäfer
Albstraße 45
D-70597 Stuttgart

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