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Due to the current SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, CURAC 2020 and all sessions will take place "online-first" and the entire conference program will be held via zoom sessions during the scheduled presentation times. Video recordings of the presentations followed by live discussions form the basis for the sessions. At the same time, we complement the program with live events such as the opening and the keynote. Registered participants receive all necessary access information by e-mail in an online program containing all necessary zoom links and access codes for the sessions. By clicking on the access link you will be directed directly to the corresponding zoom session. You can participate via web browser or via a zoom application on your computer.

In order to participate, please use the name you used for registration. Otherwise we cannot give you access.

We are very pleased to create a comprehensive and interesting program for the CURAC 2020 together with you and to enable the presentation and discussion of all contributions.

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